Gratitude in Alexandria: Ms. Gerry Graham, Friend

Gratitude in Alexandria is grateful for friends like Ms. Gerry Graham, who have been sincere and genuine for more than five years!

I’m extremely pleased to recognize my friendship with Ms. Gerry Graham, a good friend and a very nice woman I met five years ago right here in southern Alexandria.  Back in 2008, my oldest daughter was just shy of being two years old.  In my typical creative spirit, I was seeking out fun, exciting projects to work on.

Just two years earlier, my husband had bought me a sewing machine, but it got dust on it from non-use.  Little by little, I started using my sewing machine in little spurts of time.  My mom showed me some basic techniques, while I picked up the rest of my sewing skills on my own from basic trial and error.

I went for the gusto and decided to make a quilt, just because.  I honestly cannot remember which one was my first quilt, but I had already made a few by the time I met Gerry.  I went onto our local, Alexandria Freecycle website (used to be here but has now moved here) and found out that Gerry was giving away fabric for free.  All I had to do was go to her home and pick it up. 

(Freecycle is a lot like Craigslist.  People post stuff they want to get rid of.  You contact the person who placed the ad and set up arrangements for pick-up.)

I went to Gerry’s house with my oldest daughter.  Gerry enjoyed my company so much that she asked me to sit down so that we could chit chat for a while.  Gerry’s home was filled with stuffed animals, collectibles, and sporting memorabilia.  My daughter loved it all.  While my daughter was well entertained, Gerry asked me a bunch of questions, which I really didn’t mind answering.

Gerry took an interest in me and my daughter and wanted to know more about me.  I handed Gerry one of my business postcards and told her that I make diaper cakes and that I sew quilts.  Would you believe that she ordered a diaper cake on the spot?  She also asked me to make her a quilt.

I was truly dumbfounded that such a simple Freecycle transaction in which I was supposed to pick up fabric ended up being a day of making a new friend and earning business.  From that moment forward, Gerry ended up ordering two more quilts and we became good friends after that.

It has been almost 5.5 years since I met Gerry.  We are still good friends today, even though we live so close to one another and barely have time to meet up for friendship and coffee.  Now that I have two girls, my life is busier than ever.  She keeps busy, too, with her own family and personal projects.

Gerry is a mother of four adult children who have several children of their own.  I do not remember how many grandchildren Gerry has, but I know it is a lot! Gerry recently graduated from online coursework in December 2011.  She is frequently on Facebook posting inspirational messages and on occasion, a pictorial homage to her favorite sports team, the Dallas Cowboys.

After our quilt and diaper cake transactions ended, I thought that was that, but the friendship continued.  Gerry has gone out of her way to text me, call me, and consistently ask how my girls are doing.  Since I tell Gerry frequently that I’m off to New Jersey to visit my mother, Gerry makes it a point to also ask how she is doing.

Gerry has expressed so much genuine concern for me.  I am so grateful and touched to have such a sincere friend who really cares about me and my family.  Now, it is my great pleasure to give public thanks to a lovely woman.  Thank you, my dear friend Gerry, for all you do for me. Thank you for being my friend and caring for me.

If you are grateful for having a good friend in your life, I hope you’ll share it in the comments section!

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