A Look at Route 1 After Hurricane Sandy

The Route 1 corridor experienced some traffic light outages, business closures during Hurricane Sandy.

The Route 1 corridor experienced a few broken tree limbs and some traffic light outages after heavy winds and rains from Hurricane Sandy.

The Huntington community didn't experience flooding and Fairfax County has lifted the flood warning from Huntington as of Tuesday morning. However, the Belle View and New Alexandria areas are still being monitored for possible flooding Tuesday afternoon or evening. Residents will be called and public safety will go door-to-door if flooding is imminent.

Steven Larsen of Larsen Design/Build Associates, LLC said they are keeping in contact with the county engineers at the flood gate and pumping station although the gates are currently closed.

"The pumping station is pumping interior drainage for the folks on the west end of the neighborhood," said Larsen in a recent email. "Currently, the county has installed pumps on the east channel – to pump water from the interior side to the river side."

Although everything looks OK for the morning's high tide, the Belle View and New Alexandria area are still on a "possible evacuate on a moment's notice watch" Larsen explained.

Fenwick Drive and Arlington Terrace in Huntington had a few debris sprawled on the streets Tuesday morning. Some homes have tree limbs that fell into the yards. However, neither of the streets experienced flooding although they have in past extreme weather conditions.

Most businesses are back to regular hours after closing early Monday afternoon. Both Starbucks locations on Route 1 (Beacon Mall and Mt. Vernon Plaza) closed at 2 p.m. Monday, but are open for regular hours this morning.

Target on Richmond Highway closed at 4:30 p.m. Monday but are expected to be open for regular hours Tuesday. The Mount Vernon Walmart is open for regular hours Tuesday as well after closing at 4 p.m. Monday because of weather conditions.

Traffic lights that are currently out in the Route 1 corridor include:

  • The intersection of Richmond Highway and Southgate Drive;
  • The intersection of Richmond Highway and Collard Street;
  • The intersection of Richmond Highway and Memorial Street;
  • The intersection of Richmond Highway and Popkins Lane
  • The intersection of Farrington Drive and Huntington Avenue
  • The intersection of Fenwick Drive and Huntington Avenue

If traffice light are out, drivers are asked to treat the intersections like four-way stop signs. For more information about power and traffic light outages, road closures and weather conditions, visit the Fairfax County Emergency Information Blog.


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