Arcadia Kicks Off Fall Field Trips

Groups of up to 50 students in second through fourth grade are welcome to visit Arcadia Farm.

Arcadia Center For Sustainable Food and Agriculture is now registering groups for its fall field trips.

Arcadia Farm will offer hands-on experiences for students to learn about farming and the farm-to-table process. Groups of up to 50 students in second, third, or fourth grade will visit the farm located at . Arcadia Farm field trips will take place on Wednesdays and Thursdays from Sept. 11 to Nov. 1.

According to an email sent by Arcadia, "The field trips are aligned with age-appropriate curriculum standards, and teach students 1) how to grow food sustainably with the natural cycles of the earth; 2) which fruits and vegetables are available in our region during different times of the year; 3) how farm-fresh food is different from processed or fast food; and 4) that fruits and vegetables can be healthy and delicious!"

For more information, please contact brandi@arcadiafood.org.


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