Fairfax County Animal Shelter Picks Up 'Guinea Hogs'

On the loose in Northern Virginia: Cows, sheep....now Guinea Hogs.

Fairfax County rounds up "Guinea Hogs" in Clifton area.
Fairfax County rounds up "Guinea Hogs" in Clifton area.
by Mary Ann Barton 

When most people think of Northern Virginia, they might think of federal contractors, traffic-choked highways and technology corridors. 

But each week, we're reminded of our area's rustic roots.

Recently, a cow was loose in Northern Virginia. Before that, it was a herd of sheep.

Last week: Guinea Hogs.

Working as an animal control offer in Fairfax County must be pretty interesting. 

"These American Guinea hogs were picked up in Clifton by Animal Control Officers when they got loose over the weekend," the shelter notes on its Facebook page.

"Their owner came for them today and taught us some interesting facts. Guinea hogs come from a part of Africa and they were kept by early American subsistence farmers because among other things, they eat snakes, which kept children and livestock safe."

What's the most interesting animal you've seen on the loose in Northern Virginia?


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