Last Chance: Get Your George Washington's Rye Whiskey Thursday

The whiskey will retail for $95 per bottle.

The Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens will start selling the unaged George Washington Rye Whiskey at 10 a.m. Thursday.

The whiskey was made at George Washington’s reconstructed distillery, and more than 1,100 bottles of the whiskey are available for sale at $95 per bottle. The unaged George Washington Rye Whiskey is the most authentic version of Washington’s whiskey available today.

Washington was a detailed record keeper, so Mount Vernon’s staff was able to determine from these records the recipe and process of creating whiskey during Washington’s lifetime, according to a recent press release issued by the Estate. Distillers used the same grain recipe mixed and fermented in 120-gallon oak barrels, and double distilled in copper pot stills as it was done 200 years ago. 

Mount Vernon Master Dave Pickerell said, its nose is, “slightly floral, earthy, and grainy,” with a taste that is “surprisingly sweet and mellow,” but with a bit of a bite, characteristic of unaged rye.

George Washington’s Distillery and Gristmill opens for the season on Saturday. Admission to the Distillery and Gristmill site is now included in general admission: $17 per adult, $8 per child. Children aged five and under are free.

A valid I.D. is required to purchase the George Washington Rye Whiskey, which will be available for sale in-person only at the Shops at Mount Vernon at the Distillery & Gristmill's gift shop. Mount Vernon cannot accommodate Internet or phone orders, and Mount Vernon does not have a wait list for its whiskey.

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Jason Stone April 04, 2013 at 11:44 AM
I think a lot of people will want to get their hands on one (or more) of these bottles, haha. Probably I should talk with a friend of mine who lives in the area to get me one, too. I mean, I could see myself sitting on my chair, my whiskey still at work, and me fully enjoying my hobby and relaxing time while I am sipping from my own bottle of GW's Re Whiskey. oh, the good life....
Stewart G Young April 10, 2013 at 11:56 PM
What about the little people? Seadog


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