Posting inappropriate pictures on Facebook – helping teens to understand the personal and legal consequences.

It’s frustrating to hear people suggest things, such as “stop using Facebook”. It is one thing to suggest solutions and it is another thing to suggest solutions that are attainable.

I find myself getting a little frustrated when I read articles I see about cyberbullying.  My frustration is rooted from the unrealistic suggestions and solutions that so many writers present.  Many of the ideas presented for parents, schools or communities sound great in theory but taking action is another story.  Other suggestions talk about changing the kids’ behavior.  It’s frustrating to hear people suggest things, such as “stop using Facebook”.  It is one thing to suggest solutions and it is another thing to suggest solutions that are attainable.  One thing is for sure, there is a problem that needs to be solved! 

Overall, I am excited that people are talking about cyberbullying and safe uses of the internet.  This is great progress from 2008 when I first became aware what was going on in the online world with this generation of kids.  Part of what makes the problem seem so unfixable and hopeless is the fact that most adults are totally unaware of what was really happening in the lives of their teens.  If you are not up to date with what your teen is doing everyday online, you can read this article to learn about many of the issues.  The article is extremely detailed, exposing what kids are up to in cyberspace. 

Read more: http://newsroom.opencolleges.edu.au/features/15-strategies-educators-can-use-to-stop-cyberbullying/#ixzz2BZWB19q1

There are many people that are presenting ideas of how these issues can be rectified.  In fact, many states here is the US have a laws against cyberbullying.  Unfortunately the laws don’t seem to have much of an effect on “deleting cyberbullying.”  In my opinion, the lack of government resources doesn’t allow for the government to hold schools accountable.  This results in schools not following the law, especially when it comes to the prevention requirements.  In an effort to support the educators and parents I want to do more than just educate you on the problem.  I am going to give you a solution to the first bullet of my last blog post, entitled, “What is your University doing to produce confident, connected and socially responsible leaders?”

This lesson is an excerpt from the curriculum,

The 21st Century Student….

Strategies and interactive lessons to help you guide students to

STOMP OUT cyberbullying and inappropriate online behavior.


Sit with you teen/teens.  Show them this picture from FB.  Use the questions below to guide them in a discussion with you regarding the types of pictures that are acceptable to post on-line.

  • ·         What do you think of this picture?
    • ·         Is there anything wrong with what these teens are doing in this picture?
    • ·         Have you ever been to a night club or party on a college campus for Halloween?
    • ·         Have you ever been to a Halloween party where there is prize money for the winner?
    • ·         Have you seen people or pictures of people in sexy or revealing pictures on Halloween?
    • ·         Do kids in high school and college post pictures like this on FB?
    • ·         What are your thoughts about this girl?
    • ·         What are the words you would use to describe this girl?
    • ·         Look at the guy in this picture.  What are your thoughts about him?
    • ·         What are the words you would use to describe this guy?
    • ·         Think about your yearbook.
    • ·         Take out your phone and find a typical yearbook picture of a senior girl and a senior guy.
    • ·         Did you know a college admissions personnel could Google you and most likely see some pictures of you on your Facebook or perhaps someone else’s Facebook?
    • ·         Have you ever heard of someone’s online account or persona being hacked into?
    • ·         Is it possible for someone to hack into your FB account?
    • ·         If you set your privacy settings, is it possible for someone to get access to your account?
    • ·         Have you ever Googled something and seen pictures of that person or thing you Googled?
    • ·         Did you know that once you post a picture online that Google saves it?
    • ·         Did you know that if you post a picture on line and then you delete it, it is still living in the online world?
    • ·         Have you ever heard of the term, “digital footprint”?  What does that refer to?
    • ·         Tell a story of someone you know that had pictures or comments seen by people they didn’t want to.
  • ·         Go on your phone or computer.  Find a story of someone you don’t know that had pictures or comments seen by people that they didn’t want to!
  • ·         If you were this girl, would you staple this picture to your college applications? 
  • ·         If you were this guy, would you staple this picture to your college applications?
  • ·         Find a partner.  Log in to your FB or the site where you keep your pictures on line. 
  • ·         Have your partner look through your pictures.
  • ·         Ask your partner to pick out any pictures they may think would not be a good idea to attach to your college application.
  • ·         Ask yourself if you think it makes sense to delete this picture.

Have a great day!  Yours Truly, Ms. Brown

Jill Brown

Generation Text Online


The goal of this blog post is to continue to offer parents and educators the opportunity to understand what goes on in the on-line lives of children in this generation. It allows you to consider alternate viewpoints and reflect upon your own approach to raising your child. By no means are my thoughts and reflections the ONLY way to address these concerns.

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Jason Spencer November 26, 2012 at 09:43 PM
Hello from across the bridge! I saw your post and thought of one of the tech startups in Rosslyn we recently profiled. They basically have an app that provides parents with "digital intelligence" on what their children are doing online: http://patch.com/A-yXP9


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