Getting Your Cat In The Carrier

Getting your cat to the car requires patience and finesse

When carriers are left out around the house with their doors open some cats will use the open carrier as a hiding place or day bed. After having left the carrier out for a week or two your cat should be used to the carrier as a piece of furniture. Here is what we recommend to get your kitty into the carrier safely and securely:

Days before your visit to the vet is planned place the carrier in a room with a door and few hiding places, such as a small bedroom or bathroom. Place familiar bedding or old clothing of yours into the carrier to make it more comforting. You may wish to spray a synthetic feline facial analog spray (such as Feliway) or place fresh cat nip in the carrier 30 minutes before any action takes place.

Stay calm. Cats sense fear and anxiety in their caretakers and can become apprehensive before any action has taken place. Try not to chase you cat. If necessary, place your cat in the bathroom or other very small room an hour before you plan to leave.

Moving slowly and calmly, gently scoop up your cat and carry her into the room with the carrier, shutting the door behind you. Or if she is already locked in a room, carry the carrier to her, once again shutting the door behind you firmly and quickly.

If your kitty likes treat or toys you may be able to entice her into the carrier by tossing the toy or treat to the back of the carrier, allowing her to chase it inside and then calmly shutting the door.

For the cats that will not enter on their own we recommend opening the top door first and then lifting you cat down into the carrier hind end first. For carriers that only open at one end place the carrier standing on its end and, door open, lower her hind end first into it. Be prepared in both cases to shut the door quickly but try not to bang it closed to avoid making it more traumatic for her.

Before leaving the room, check all the doors, latches, and locks to make sure they are fully engaged. Now Kitty is ready for her visit to the doctor!

Taken in part from recommendations of the AAFP

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Ana L. Velilla-Arce February 08, 2012 at 02:08 PM
These are great recommendations. Thanks for sharing!
Sally Spangler February 08, 2012 at 05:33 PM
Thank you - certainly works <grin>
Stan Weathers February 13, 2012 at 04:27 PM
You folks are the best!


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