Primary Elections in August Could See More Absentee Voting

Primary elections set for August 23rd; vacationers can still vote, by absentee ballot.

UPDATE: We've updated the story to clarify that absentee voting is available in person on Saturday, August 20th. An earlier version of the story said that in-person absentee voting was available on Saturdays.
Saturday, August 20th: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Primaries in Virginia are usually held in June but this year, they'll be held in August due to redistricting. With August being prime time for vacations, does this mean there will be a low turn-out? Maybe.

If you want to vote in a primary on August 23rd but will be at the beach or can't get to the polls due to illness or disability, you don't have to miss the election.

The deadline to apply for an absentee ballot is August 16th, by 5 p.m. You must be registered to vote to apply for an absentee ballot. The deadline to register to vote is August 1st.

You can fill out an application for an absentee ballot online. (You'll then need to print it out, sign it and mail or fax it in.) 

You can mail it to:

  • Office of Elections, 12000 Government Center Parkway, Suite 323, Fairfax, VA 22035


  • Office of Elections, Box 10161, Fairfax, VA 22038

Or fax it to:

  • Office of Elections at (703) 324-3725.

Dates and hours for absentee voting:

  • You can vote absentee in person from Friday, July 8th until Saturday, August 20th or by mail by August 23rd.
  • Monday-Friday: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (the office will be open late on Thursdays until 7 p.m.)
  • Saturdays: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

If you're going to vote absentee in person, you must go to the Fairfax County Government Center, 12000 Government Center Parkway, Suite 323, Fairfax, VA 22035. There will be no off-site satellite office voting.

There are other extenuating circumstances for absentee voting other than being away, ill or disabled. You may also vote absentee, either by mail or in person, if you are unable to go to the polls on Election Day because you ...

  • are a student or the spouse of a student attending a school outside Fairfax County
  • will be away from Fairfax County on business
  • will be working and commuting for 11 or more hours between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m.
  • will be away from Fairfax County on personal business or vacation
  • are unable to go to the polls because of illness or disability 
  • are the primary caretaker of a confined family member
  • have a religious obligation
  • are confined awaiting trial
  • are confined having been convicted of a misdemeanor
  • are an election official
  • are on active duty in the military outside Fairfax County
  • are the spouse or dependent residing with a member of the military outside Fairfax County
  • are an overseas citizen* whose most recent United States residence was in Fairfax County

Here are the candidates running in primary elections on August 23rd:


Senate of Virginia, 30th District

Tim McGhee, Adam P. Ebbin, K. Rob Krupicka, and Libby T. Garvey 

Senate of Virginia, 31st District

Jaime Areizaga-Soto
Barbara A. Favola

House of Delegates, 49th District

Alfonso H. Lopez
Stephanie L. Clifford

Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, Member, Braddock District

Christopher J. Wade
Janet S. Oleszek


Senate of Virginia, 36th District

Jeffrey M. Frederick
Tito A. Munoz

Senate of Virginia, 37th District

Stephen M. "Steve" Hunt
Jason A. Flanary

Senate of Virginia, 39th District

M. Miller Baker
Scott M. Martin


H. Wes Kammerer
Bill A. Cooper III

Marta D. Saltus June 28, 2011 at 05:52 PM
Your list is incorrect. McGhee is not a democrat, but running for SD30 on the Republican ticket.


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