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Radle Quits Race for U.S. House

Democrat throws support behind challenger Bruce Shuttleworth.

Franconia Democrat Will Radle has ended his bid for a congressional seat and thrown his support behind former competitor Bruce Shuttleworth.

Radle was running in the Democratic primary for the seat currently held by Democrat Rep. Jim Moran in Virginia’s 8th Congressional District. In a telephone interview Wednesday, he said he was putting the needs of the community ahead of his personal ambitions.

“I don’t want to divide the opposition to the incumbent,” Radle said.

Radle commended Shuttleworth, a Democrat, on his “commitment to service, past and present.” He also said he admired his “approach to listening to people (and) his general interest in helping to create solutions to challenges.”

Radle said in an email Wednesday announcing his decision he made the decision to leave the race after “several days in discussions with family and friends.” He said he will continue to serve on the Lee District Land Use and Transportation Committee and has been asked to serve on additional committees.

A former insurance agent, Radle said he left his job to focus on the campaign full-time. He said he has now been recruited by another company, although he declined to name that employer.

During his campaign, Radle said, he personally shared his reasons for running for office with more than 1,700 neighbors. In an email, he said, “It has not been my goal to join the club atmosphere of Congress. My focus remains working to help move our nation forward. Together we can create effective, sustainable solutions to the challenges confronting our community and our nation.”

According to data on fundraising in Virginia congressional races from OpenSecrets.org, Radle had not raised any money this election cycle, nor has Shuttleworth. Moran has raised $462,964.

Shuttleworth was not immediately available for comment. A campaign volunteer, Glenn McCormick, said, “We certainly appreciate Will’s support and hope to see him on the campaign trail with us.”

Abby Albright March 29, 2012 at 07:47 PM
Hi All, Thank you for your comments. We have invited all of our elected officials, as well as those intending to run for office, to blog on Patch. In addition, any of our readers can blog on Patch sites. Thanks! Abby (Editor, Ballston Patch)
Felix Jarusewic March 30, 2012 at 04:42 AM
Wow, Mr. Carlin! It is this kind of political fixation that really makes me realize that we need some fresh thinking in Congress...and I am from the older generation. Don't be so quick to "disqualify" people - especially for something you misread. Read Mr. Howell's comments again...slowly this time. www.votejasonhowell.com
Will Radle April 06, 2012 at 07:58 PM
I enjoyed talking with people and acquiring over 1,700 signatures for the ballot petition. I collected every signature myself as I talked with people about increasing household incomes, instilling confidence in our nation's future and expanding opportunity. Together we can create effective, sustainable solutions to the challenges confronting our community and our nation. I actively read and regularly respond to local articles and blog posts. RJ, I remain thankful for the support I receive: 30 votes per dollar spent. Everyone attending town hall meetings hosted by the incumbent or watching the videos knows why he does not make himself more accessible. He cannot stop yelling even when our neighbors agree about the need to prevent future government shutdowns. Mr. Moran offers no solutions and neither do most of the anonymous critics. I understand Bruce Shuttleworth had a person from Maryland collecting voter signatures for his campaign. Those ballot petitions have been ruled disqualified even though the signatures can be verified as being from authentic qualified voters. Will Radle Creating a Culture of Listening
Will Radle April 06, 2012 at 08:24 PM
Mr. Carlin, the last time we had a year over year decline in our debt was 1957 during the Eisenhower administration. Anyone who says we had a surplus in the 1990's is either lying, not aware of basic facts or callously disregarding the need to keep our promise of making Social Security sustainable. We need to keep our promise. Will Rogers said, "We're all ignorant, just in different ways." We need to clarify a common misperception created by politicians repeatedly and intentionally lying. As our nation's largest public pension fund, Social Security must be made solvent. Moran has said repeatedly we had budget surpluses in the 1990's. He lies. We neither created cash reserves nor reduced our debt. Our debt has increased by over $12 trillion during Moran's time on Capitol Hill. Yet, says he would change nothing. In fact, to paraphrase him for a family audience, Moran says if he is ever given chairmanship of a subcommittee he will pork the heck out of legislation.
Will Radle April 06, 2012 at 09:13 PM
Which one of my public policy goals is not "real Democratic"? Expanding access to higher education, helping children fulfill their potential, providing universal quality health care with embedded choice, competition, and national portability while positioning patients and doctors as the central relationship in medicine, preventing future government shutdowns, increasing household incomes all seem real Democratic to me. Also, your indication that only "real Democrats" should have coverage is peculiar. Is that commentary reflective of how you treat guests on your cable access show? Your unfounded assertions about my efforts to help move our nation forward are baseless. I have over 1,700 signatures from registered voters in my district. They come from important conversations with my neighbors about effective solutions to serious challenges. You are not in our district. I stepped aside to support another Democrat who assured me he had nearly 2,000 signatures, shared my concerns and generally supported my proposed solutions. I am a team player. Is that California company your only source of information? They do not ensure the validity or truth of search results. Take it with a grain of salt. Wonder why you support an icon of insularity, arrogance and corruption whom former Speaker Pelosi says is an embarrassment, The Washington Post says is unfit for public office and three women have divorced.


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