UPDATE: VDOT: Sherwood Hall Lane Repaving in Progress

Repaving began Monday of Sherwood Hall Lane; VDOT photo
Repaving began Monday of Sherwood Hall Lane; VDOT photo

UPDATE, Wednesday, July 9:

Milling for the repaving started on the night of July 7. The intersection of Fordson Road and Sherwood Hall Road has been milled for the traffic loop installation. The Parkers Lane intersection will be milled next for the traffic loop installation. While the loops are being installed, milling of the main line will start. Paving will follow the milling.

Tuesday night work was cancelled due to rain.


The Virginia Department of Transportation was scheduled to begin repaving Sherwood Hall Lane from Route 1 to Fort Hunt Road on Monday. 

Once the repaving is complete, the road will be restriped to include a parking lane, bike lane and travel lane in each direction. The work will occur nightly from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. and take about a month to complete, weather permitting.

Street parking will be restricted during the paving. Citizens are asked to comply with the “No Parking” signs to avoid having their vehicles towed.

The paving project will incorporate the following changes to pavement markings:

  • Bike lanes will be added in both directions from Fordson Road to Fort Hunt Road, about 1.5 miles. As the street is not wide enough for bike lanes in the one-block, 450-foot segment from Holland Road to Parkers Lane, shared-lane markings, known as “sharrows,” will be installed to let cyclists and motorists know that bikes will share the travel lane with motorists.
  • In response to overwhelming public comments, all on-street parking will be retained between Parkers Lane and Fort Hunt Road, with only minor adjustments to on-street parking west of Parkers Lane.
  • Left-turn lanes will be added on Sherwood Hall at Fordson Road, significantly improving safety and traffic operations.  The intersection will also be configured to allow a future crosswalk across Sherwood Hall.  The crosswalk will be implemented in the next year, once traffic signal modifications can be scheduled.

The public outreach process also identified a community interest in providing marked crosswalks across Sherwood Hall between Parkers and Fort Hunt. VDOT is working with the community and other agencies to address this concern independent of the paving project.

The $474,000 paving project is being funded by VDOT. Fairfax County prepared and funded design plans.

ET1221 July 09, 2014 at 01:25 PM
No work has been done on the repaving project yet. We are stacked in our driveways and waiting though...
Mary Ann Barton July 09, 2014 at 02:54 PM
Hi ET1221 -- please read the update at the top of the story.
ET1221 July 09, 2014 at 11:11 PM
Sorry for jumping the gun, hadn't been down to Fordson until this afternoon. We watched trucks massing at the Eastern end all day Tuesday only to see them leave at the advent of rain. The project was supposed to have started around June 1st and the community is very anxious for it's completion. :)


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