Coaches' Corner: Mount Vernon vs. West Potomac Football

Coach Wells and Coach Davis weigh in on Thursday night's football game.

The Majors and the Wolverines will go head-to-head at Thursday night's season opener at Mount Vernon High School.

Mount Vernon football coach Barry Wells said his team has been working hard for this season opener and says the Wolverines are “very talented” players.

Mount Vernon has quite a few players who will stand out at Thursday’s game. Seniors Robert Becardi-Nelson (wide receiver), Jalen Bushnell (outside linebacker), Joshua Beekoe (safety), and Tasi Mathias (defensive end) are expected to lead the way, according to Wells.

Junior running back Carlton Griffith is “a special individual,” Wells said.

“[Griffith] runs the ball with talent,” he said.

Wells expects the season opener to be a very competitive game.

“There will be four complete quarters before a decision is made,” Wells said. “I hope the kids play confidently.”

West Potomac football coach Jeremiah Davis said his team and the Mount Vernon athletes are of a fairly similar make-up when it comes to athletic ability and skilled positions. One advantage on West Potomac’s side is a “phenomenal kicker,” senior Chris Blewitt, Davis said.

The two teams are also well-matched in skilled positions, he said.

"We’re just looking forward to a good game with Mount Vernon,” Davis said.

The game will take place at Jeff Todd Field at Thursday at 7 p.m.


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