Nats Fandemonium: Send Us Your Photos

Were you at Nats Park for Tuesday's home game? Upload your photos here!



What would you do to see the Washington Nationals play the St. Louis Cardinals? The game, which kicked off at 1 p.m., was attended by thousands, and many of the spectators and their kids played hooky from school and work today. 

"There is no way that I would miss this historic moment," said Alexandria lawyer Sang Lee. "My hope is that we win in four (games), but I'll take five."

The five-game series is tied at 1-1. On Sunday, the Nats won 3-2 in St. Louis. The Cardinals came back strong in the second game, defeating the Nationals 12-4. This is the first game of the series at Nats Park in D.C.

Rick Brown, of Fairfax, pulled his five-year-old son out of school to attend the game. "I also took off of work," said Brown. "This game is important to me, because when I was a kid I grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and, in 1982, the St. Louis Cardinals beat the Milwaukee Brewers in the World Series. So, naturally I want the Nats to beat the Cardinals." 

Charles Richardson, Jr., of Fairfax, attended the game with his son, Charles III, of Arlington. The pair played hooky from their dog daycare business, A Dog's Day Out. "It's incredible for a Washington baseball team to be in the playoffs —the first time since 1935. We couldn't miss it," said Richardson, Jr. 

If you're at the game today and grab some great shots (of the game or yourself), share them here by clicking on the "upload" button above!

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