Cicadas 2013: The People's Bug

Forget eating a cicada — would you even touch one? These people did!

It's pretty hard to hold the line on the 'don't touch the cicadas' rule when your son's principal walks up with one sitting on her hand. "Sticky little things," she said with glee.

For every person who doesn't want anything to do with their new buggy neighbors, there is someone else willing to put one, two or five on their hand or arm — or their nose!

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Page through the gallery above to see photos from across our Patch sites of people getting close to cicadas this season.

Of course, it's important to note that some areas of Northern Virginia still haven't seen any of the “Cicadapocalypse." Many sightings have been made in lower Fairfax County down to Fredericksburg.

Tell us where you're seeing the cicadas this year in the comments section!

Known as the East Coast II brood, these cicadas  and several other states up through Connecticut. The result? A 7 kHz buzz filling the region as the cicadas try to attract mates.

If they behave typically, the cicadas will be around for four to six weeks. According to the Nature Conservancy, birds and other wildlife will have an ample source of food this year. In addition, the pruning of some trees that these insects do is actually good for local forests.

Want more pics? Check out these cicada photos!

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Laura Shonerd Genuario June 12, 2013 at 10:51 AM
I'd like to see a map of where cicadas are and are not. For instance, I have not seen any in Old Town Alexandria or in my Ft Hunt area. Where are these creatures? Is my ZIP code not cool enough for them?
Greg Crider June 12, 2013 at 11:49 AM
There's a ton of cicada's in the Lake Ridge area, zip code 22192. The sound of them is deafening and they swarm all over the place.
Laura Shonerd Genuario June 12, 2013 at 12:12 PM
Thanks! Last weekend I was near Charlottesville, and they are crazy loud there also. I was beginning to wonder how to tell if they were nearby. Now I know they just aren't here. Guess I shouldn't complain!
John Gromada June 12, 2013 at 12:46 PM
I'm a sound designer, and have made some cicada ringtones available for the iPhone. If you have an iPhone, in the iTunes store search for CICADA INVASION. The first ringtone is a long one, of a large group of cicadas in a dogwood tree with one individual in the foreground. The 2nd is a shorter ringtone which is perfect for a text alert of a single individual. Hope you enjoy them!
Laura Shonerd Genuario June 12, 2013 at 04:52 PM
Sounds cool! Though it's not a very pleasant sound!


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